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How do you know if you are buying a real Rolex, Tag Heuer of Panarai watch? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot a counterfeit watches. Sometimes even authorized resellers cannot tell the difference between real and fake. But now there is a new way to help you out.

It is called Prooftag, a revolutionary way of making bubbles. Bubbles? Yes, bubbles!

With this new technology a thin substrate is made that contains a series of bubbles in it (like bubbles in Jello). Every hardened bubble is unique and acts like a fingerprint. Each bubble has a unique code that can be read with a special camera. When you enter this code on a website you immediately get the proof you want: is it real or is it counterfeit.

This seems impressive, but as with all technology, the code is just waiting to be broken. But for now, luxury watch makers have a new tool that may help them in the fight against counterfeit. For a little while at least. has another unique identifier by which – in most cases – you can tell if a watch is real or not: the price! A $60,- Rolex bought on a market is not the real thing.


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