A new Rembrandt

rembrandtA new Rembrandt! If you read this you would assume that experts discovered a painting from this master, probably earlier attributed to a pupil of Rembrandt. Not in this case as the master of the painting  left was a computer!
Through smart algorithms and face recognition techniques 346 paintings by Rembrandt have been analyzed. The computer program then created, with the gained knowledge of geometry, composition and texture used by Rembrandt, a new painting. First, two-dimensional and then texture has been added with a 3D printer.
This project is certainly original, but is the artwork itself original? Can, in other words, a computer itself create art? A very interesting question. On the basis of copyright law generally the assumption is that only humans can create art as only humans can make creative choices. This latter is not true anymore, however, a computer is no human and therefore, art made solely by a computer without human involvement, will probably not get any copyright protection. So, from a legal point of view, computers cannot make art.

The same also applied to the monkey who stole a photo camera and shot some selfies. These photos would normally be protected by copyright but as an animal can not possess any copyrights, these photos were not protected.
For more information on the project: www.nextrembrandt.com.

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