A Northern clinch

Northern-Soul-keep-the-faith-in-red-600x600The power lies with the people. Also in trademark law! A shop of retro bags in Manchester has learned this lesson.

This store sought trademark protection in the UK of the logo Northern Soul (the same logo as shown left but then in black and white). This led to a Facebook protest: the logo was the symbol of Northern Soul, a kind of subculture from the seventies with fans of uptempo obscure American soul. While we never heard of this culture, this scene is still very popular. According to the members of the scene, this symbol belongs to all who participated and participates in the Northern Soul scene and should not lie with one company who claimed the trademark.

The Trademarks Office of the United Kingdom has now rejected the trademark application. The logo has become a common symbol, not only in the market (providers of retro bags, etc.) but also with the consumer (the members of the scene), which logically also constitutes the relevant public. The clenched fist of the member of the scene will probably turn into applauding hands. Temporarily off course.

Source: The Independent

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