What makes Knijff Trademark Attorneys special?

Knijff is of course proactive, progressive and works closely with its clients. But we do more. We also boasts six characteristics that sets us aside from others.

Personal attention

You receive the very best advice from trademark attorneys who have years of expertise and experience in the market. How you receive it, is crucial. Consultancy services rely on personal contact. Close personal interaction will reveal the information needed to protect your trademark. Regular contact with our clients and a clear insight into how you work is essential.

The best when you need it the most

Our size, years of experience and the diversity of our clients have made us an unrivalled expert in complicated legal issues. Difficult questions or problems? You can rest assured that we have got it under control, with solutions that may surprise you.

High-profile and innovative

Knijff is a leading player in trademark protection. We offer smart IT solutions such as OTMIS (online management system of your trademarks), an expert monitoring system, and Multisearch (a global web platform based research solution). Are you looking for customised IT solutions? Our professional IT team can assist and provide exactly what you need. We even help shape our profession. The involvement of our subsidiary Onel trademarks has led to a decision by the European Court of Justice in the much-anticipated ONEL v OMEL case.


Besides personal attention for you, Knijff Trademark Attorneys live by a single basic rule: we never say no! Why? Because we are able to switch fast. We understand that our clients all have different needs and requirements. And if these needs and requirements don’t fit the products and services already in place, we simply need to adjust. And that´s where our professional and driven IT team comes in. Do you want to upload trademark data to your trademark management system? Not a problem. We have done so for many clients already, always in line with their specific requirements.  Knijff provides customised services, always.

Driven and informed

Our trademark attorneys will give you their professional advice on which steps you should take. Advice combined with trademark intuition, inspired by our many years of experience. Our trademark attorneys may also advise against taking action. After all, not everything needs trademark protection. We won’t say “no” just because we see risks. We will look ahead to help you find a solution. If we can’t do it the traditional way, then we will find an alternative  to achieve the result you need. After all, only the best is good enough.

International and stable player

Knijff is owned by 8 senior trademark attorneys. And because our very best people stay with us, your contact will remain your contact. Our trademark attorneys are entrepreneurs who keep each other on their toes and continue to develop the Knijff brand. Moreover, we have an excellent international reputation. Our trademark attorneys travel across the world to visit associates and conferences. This way we know we only work with the very best associates in the field, offering you the very best rates.