Knijff Trademark Attorneys is a firm specialising in the protection of trademarks, designs and company names. As one of the largest trademark firms in the Netherlands, we serve clients with ambition. Clients who think big and who have set their sights on growth across national borders. Knijff’s 70 staff all share the same passion: trademarks! This passion drives our efforts to help you safeguard your identity and originality. Ensuring that you maintain your lead on your competitors is of vital importance to us. How do we achieve this? By marking out the best protection route, together with you. By closely monitoring developments in the market and in your business. By responding to your questions fast and efficiently. And by providing smart IT solutions. Our lead in IT allows us to provide customised solutions like no other.


When Marius Knijff and Miep Ras founded Knijff Trademark Attorneys in 1989, they made diversity and inclusivity key in the company’s operations. And more than three decades later, they still are.

The Knijff team is a tight-knit group of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Men and women are represented as follows among both our staff (29% vs 71%) and our partners (56% vs 44%). The company welcomes all skilled people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, background, religion or age. This ideal mix makes Knijff the strong and social company it is today.

Our recruitment, assessment and pay policies are based on an individual’s potential, inquisitive mind and willpower, creating a level playing field for all. We are all on the same team, a team that is all the stronger for its diversity. With so many different backgrounds and talents, Knijff offers an environment that is home to all and where all can flourish.

Knijff is proud of its staff and committed to offering them the very best working conditions. These include a choice of working from home or the office, the offer of inhouse training or personal courses, or customised solutions in case of illness for instance. Staff turnover is very low, and many people have been with Knijff for a long time. Some of our staff have even returned to Knijff after a stay elsewhere.


Sustainable environment

Sustainability is key for the society in which we live. Knijff takes its responsibility very seriously indeed. We contribute wherever and whenever we can. That includes enabling our staff to work from home. And with fewer cars on the road, nature benefits.

Waste reduction is another priority for us. Any waste is recycled or reused where possible. Since we introduced our digital office years ago, we have been able to drastically reduce our paper consumption.

Sustainability features in all of our decisions. Our vehicle fleet consists almost entirely of electrical cars and we recently doubled the number of charging stations at the office, now serving both staff and visitors.


We sponsor and fund social and ecological projects such as our pro bono services to Europa Nostra and our contributions to School at Sea. Our annual business gifts are carefully selected to ensure that proceeds from their sale go to charity or contribute to creating a sustainable society. Such examples are the WakaWaka Powerbank and the Chilly’s Bottle.

Knijff is committed to taking responsibility for its impact on man, the environment and society, both now and in the future.


The Knijff Group comprises Knijff Trademark Attorneys and other trademark firms and concepts.

Onel trademarks joined the Knijff Group in 2005. It is one of the oldest trademark firms in the Netherlands with a unique client approach and style.

Other trademark firms that have been fully integrated in Knijff Trademark Attorneys over the years are Intermark, Markmatters, Ooteman & Partners and Hendriks&Co.

The Knijff Group is on LinkedIn, Twitter and has a blog.


At Knijff we employ 70 expert staff, including 20 trademark attorneys. 70 experts who work day in, day out to deliver maximum protection of your trademarks and designs. And every single one is committed to what they do and to serve just one goal: achieving maximum protection of your identity and originality. When you work with us, you know you can count on:

The very best trademark attorneys, especially when things get tough

Our size, our years of experience and our wide range of customers have made us experts in protecting trademarks and designs. Knijff is leading the field when it comes to solving complicated legal issues, for instance when launching new trademarks worldwide or executing complicated registration projects in several countries at the same time. Contact us now if you have any questions. Our creative solutions will surprise you.

A dedicated attorney to talk to face-to-face

Sound trademark protection is in the details. For that reason, it is essential that you and the trademark team dealing with your trademarks meet either r face-to-face on a regular basis. Communication lines with your attorney are short. Any questions you may have will be answered promptly by email. You can also easily contact your attorney by phone. And if need be, your attorney will be happy to make an in-person visit to discuss your trademarks portfolio.

Thousands of successful trademark registrations across the world

Knijff’s clients operate in all sectors of industry, in countries all across the world. Most clients have global trademark registrations. The expert knowledge on country-specific regulations thus gained by our trademark attorneys enables them to advise you on strategic decisions and best procedures. Knijff works with only the very best agents globally and has built solid relations with them. That way we can guarantee that you receive the very best advice and know exactly what to expect.

Service and expertise aimed at worldwide portfolios

With its ambitious clients in mind, Knijff has developed a number of high-end products. For instance, our search platform enables us to complete an availability search within eight days across more than 100 countries worldwide. Also, our online trademark system gives you access to your trademarks, designs and monitoring any time, anywhere.

We are solution-driven and will solve every problem and tackle every challenge

Not only does Knijff set great store by building a personal relationship with you, it also lives by another rule: we never say no! We understand our clients and how they all have different needs and wishes. We are sensitive to what each and every particular situation calls for, even if that means finding a solution that doesn’t fit the standard products or services we’ve developed. Knijff delivers customised solutions, always.


Knijff’s Trademark Attorneys work best in close collaboration with you. The approach is informal with short communication lines. This enables us to obtain a deep understanding of your case, your wish or your question. Strategies are often decided based on information that emerges during personal contact. This makes close interaction vital.

Together with you we will make a step-by-step plan, providing you with a quote during the process. Once we have your approval to our offer and plan of approach, we will start work, keeping you abreast of everything that happens throughout the project.

Upon completion of the project we prefer to stay in active contact with our clients. Trademarks aren’t static, they evolve continuously. They develop with your company. Knijff Trademark Attorneys will ensure that your trademark rights keep in step, meaning you are assured of optimum trademark protection at all times.

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We value our clients. We are proud to be working for high-profile clients and leading trademarks to help them make and keep their trademarks strong!


Our trademark attorneys attend conferences in every part of the world. On the one hand we maintain our warm relationships with our agents and on the other hand we stay informed on the latest worldwide developments in trademark law. Knijff also organizes events for clients. Curious to know where you can meet the trademark attorneys of Knijff? Please see below the following events.


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