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The online shopping community is preparing for a very big battle.

Just Fab, a shoes and apparel e-commerce site that has recently raised $109 million, has filed a lawsuit against Fab.com, the other popular fashion commerce site (funding raised: $321 million). The fight is about, of course, the word “fab”.

JustFab states that it has worked very hard to establish its brand: “We are not only prepared to protect our intellectual property, but we also believe we have a responsibility to our members and to members of the general public to stop any actual or likely confusion that is created when someone else uses a similar name.” The fact that Fab.com is one of their biggest competitors, might also help a bit, we think.

It’s not all about the name. It’s also about money. Isn’t it always?

Both Fab and JustFab have projected that they will make $250 million in revenues this year. And both are targeting the same class of online consumers. So, basically the one who wins this trademark battle, can double their revenue. Well, not exactly. But taking out the biggest competitor will surely help.

Isn’t trademark law fabulous?

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