AdNobody could have missed it: all the world leaders in Paris discussing the measures needed to combat global warming. Hopefully it results in plans, because most scientists say that it is a last call for action.

In the plans, multinationals will also play a role. And you also hear one after another proclaiming that it will produce climate neutrally in the near future. Of course, a good promise, and hopefully these companies will also work on the plans after the summit.

The artist group Brandalism is not at all confident that multinationals will do the right thing. This group has replaced 600 billboards in Paris with art. Part of these new billboard ads, are ads apparently originating from multinationals but with “fair slogans”. Like the one of Volkswagen, you would say a normal ad of Volkswagen, but if you read carefully the ad says “we’re sorry that we got caught.” Also Mobil and Air France’s have ads. The purpose of this art is to show how hypocrite multinationals are.

Even though it is not clear who the artists are, also legally there is probably no basis for the multinationals to act against these ads as this falls within the scope of freedom of expression. Actually, there is only one good solution: just to fulfill your climate commitment!

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