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And the winner of 2017 is…

And the winner of 2017 is…In a world where fake products are still a growing problem but are rapidly caught up by the problem of fake news, there is one truth: the every year fake election of Action Plagiarius. This institute informs the public about the problem of fakes and plagiarisms and the negative impacts they have on not only the economy as a whole but especially on small companies and individual designers, by awarding the best of the worst. Fakes that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing.

The winner of 2017 election is Retractable Dog Leash. As a comment is stated that various anonymous online sellers are selling these fake products, using fake identities and daily changing accounts on amazon.com (USA). “The inferior quality (e.g. dysfunctioning retraction mechanism) already led to customer complaints and reputation damages in the US.”

The number two and three are chairs and pressure gauges.

And the winner of 2017 is… And the winner of 2017 is…







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