The Singapore Intellectual Property Office (IPOS) has ruled that a Malaysian snack maker will be allowed to continue using its “Angry Bite” branding, as there is “no similarity” to the Angry Birds trademark. Quite the weird case, we think.

Rovio Entertainment, the maker of the immensely popular game Angry Birds, had objected against a new trademark application in Singapore by Kimanis Food Industries. In their opinion their ‘Angry Bite’ trademark is confusingly similar to the Angry Birds characters and branding.

Moreover, the Angry Birds trademarks enjoy a reputation and are famous. This broadens their scope of protection. According to Rovio, the snack maker is clearly trying to profit form the reputation of the Angry Birds brand.

However, the Singapore IP officials do not agree, stating “there is no visual or conceptual similarity” between Angry Bite and Rovio’s trademarks. Although there is a phonetic similarity, it is offset by all the dissimilarities. Consequently, overall the marks are more dissimilar than similar.

According to the outcome is remarkable; when being confronted with such a bacg of chips in a supermarket, there is quite a big chance you will at least associate it with the Angry Birds brand, but it is also not unlikely that you will be confused.

Rovio will likely appeal this decision. Although, you should never make important decisions when you’re angry.


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