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Helly’s position


For trademark agencies, wordmarks and logos are welcome guests. These trademarks are generally accepted unless they have distinctiveness issues. Less traditional signs however, have a much harder time. A color mark, a sound, films and decorations that appear in variants [...]

Helly’s position2019-11-28T13:59:54+01:00



For an interesting opposition case, we are traveling to Italy this week where Apple has filed an opposition against an application of the trademark Pineapple. Although both pineapple and apples are fruit names and are part of a healthy diet, [...]


A brick in the design wall


In addition to registering words, logos and slogans as a trademark, you can also protect a design as a model. Because companies are increasingly distinguishing themselves in terms of packaging and product design, design protection is gaining popularity. In fact, [...]

A brick in the design wall2019-10-14T11:00:26+02:00

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark


Bixby, that's the name of Samsung's virtual assistant. Bixby is not just another name chosen by Samsung. A whole process has probably preceded this. For these types of projects, a name creation agency is often called in to propose a [...]

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark2019-09-18T08:27:42+02:00

Driving backwards


In France there seems to have been a battle between namesakes for some time. On the one hand Peugeot from the cars and on the other hand Peugeot from the family Peugeot, according to Wikipedia a conglomerate of companies in [...]

Driving backwards2019-09-18T08:16:47+02:00

What’s in a logo


Although a consumer, when seeing a brand, focuses mostly on words, graphic elements (including colors) will help make a brand recognizable. A red can with white italic letters? You immediately think of Coca-Cola. In most cases, registering a logo as [...]

What’s in a logo2019-09-16T10:33:19+02:00



This week we saw in the news that Versace made a sensitive product mistake: cities are listed on a t-shirt with the country behind it. This t-shirt led to a fuss in China when it became clear that Hong Kong [...]


A hole in a cheese


People who love Italian cuisine a lot and therefore often use Parmesan cheese will probably be familiar with Grana Padano. This is a cheese that resemble Parmesan cheese but does not come from the Parma area but northern Italy. Since [...]

A hole in a cheese2019-08-20T11:51:43+02:00

Gaudi’s Barcelona


What do you call your hotel in Barcelona? Not quite original, but very suitable is the name Gaudi, the architect who has embellished Barcelona with his buildings. And so it happened. The owner of the hotel Gaudi was smart enough [...]

Gaudi’s Barcelona2019-08-22T10:21:48+02:00

Brand “mistake” Jaguar Land Rover


Brand mistakes are of all times. Brand names that are suitable trademarks in one country can have a funny or negative meaning in another. For example, Fiat Uno means Fiat Crock in Finnish and the denim mark Kut has a [...]

Brand “mistake” Jaguar Land Rover2019-07-18T16:41:11+02:00