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Apple bite bites the dust


The Apple logo is unmistakably famous. If you see the logo with the bite from the apple, then you know immediately that you are dealing with Apple. This does not mean, however, that Apple can monopolize the "bite". For example, [...]

Apple bite bites the dust2019-03-20T14:22:39+01:00

Citroën Cocinelle trademarked


We came across a remarkable application in the European trademark register: the "Cocinelle" or "Deux Chevaux" of Citroën. This famous classic has been requested as a three-dimensional trademark for a wide range of products (from tableware to furniture and from [...]

Citroën Cocinelle trademarked2019-02-19T11:21:57+01:00

Assassins’ Greed


Timing is one of the most difficult issues in trademark protection. You can of course immediately try to register the trademark for many products and services. The truth is that many companies have tight budgets and have to choose what [...]

Assassins’ Greed2019-02-19T10:46:34+01:00

The Italians


A strong brand is worth a "million". For this reason we always recommend choosing a brand that only indirectly refers to the qualities of the product. Or better, does not refer at all and is a true word from the [...]

The Italians2019-02-19T10:36:55+01:00

Money and booze


We sometimes encounter strange trademark applications in our daily brand practice. We have never seen this one before: a three-dimensional trademark in the form of a bag of money. This mark has been filed in the EU for alcoholic beverages. [...]

Money and booze2019-02-19T10:21:39+01:00

Beats beats the D


Sometimes it is worthwhile to appeal a decision. A recent example is the opposition that Beats had filed against a D logo for identical products. In the first instance, Beats lost the opposition case: EUIPO did not find that the [...]

Beats beats the D2019-01-22T13:29:47+01:00

Interior designing


To be distinctive as a brand it is no longer limited to a remarkable brand or a nice logo. The design of a store or restaurant can also be distinctive. Certainly, with restaurants and clubs, distinctive concepts have been used [...]

Interior designing2019-01-16T09:30:52+01:00

Three cars out


What do Bentley, Jaguar and Chevrolet have to do with each other? They are all car brands that have recently been subject to a trademark dispute in the EU. Bentley filed an opposition with the EUIPO against the Bentley application [...]

Three cars out2018-12-18T10:30:48+01:00

Give me space


As you might know, our sister company Onel trademarks filed a court suit some years ago up to the Court of Justice in order to clarify what requirements are imposed on the geographic use of a European trademark. Is it [...]

Give me space2018-12-19T11:03:01+01:00

Apple logo against apple logo


You do not have to be a trademark lawyer to realize that a logo consisting of an apple with a bite can lead to problems. This is one of the most famous logos in the world that is also actively [...]

Apple logo against apple logo2018-12-20T09:49:45+01:00
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