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FC Barcelona not happy with Barça Textile


FC Barcelona has filed a lawsuit against the Turkish company 'Barca textile', stating that the company is using the name Barca for commercial purposes. The Spanish top football club is also known by the name 'Barça'. Barca Textile has started [...]

FC Barcelona not happy with Barça Textile2019-01-20T23:17:35+00:00

Big Mac, big loss


Fast food chain McDonald's has lost its exclusive right to the Big Mac trademark in the European Union following a request from its Irish rival Supermac with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The EUIPO ruled that McDonald's lost its [...]

Big Mac, big loss2019-01-20T20:45:31+00:00

Primark big ‘fan’ of Vans


According to the iconic shoes manufacturer Vans, Irish clothing chain Primark has copied two of its famous sneakers. A US court may look into the case. Vans filed a complaint with the New York court earlier this month. The Americans [...]

Primark big ‘fan’ of Vans2019-01-14T12:06:43+00:00

Copy As You Are


The band Nirvana has sued for copyright infringement over Marc Jacobs' Grunge Redux Collection, alleging that the fashion brand is infringing on the band’s copyright for its smiley face logo. According to the lawsuit, the late Kurt Cobain created the [...]

Copy As You Are2019-01-14T11:53:11+00:00

It’s not unusual to be sued by anyone


Fresh Prince's "Carlton", played by Alfonso Ribeiro, is suing the developers of the popular game Fortnite over "the Carlton dance", which is used in the game. Ribeiro is also taking legal action against a different game developer for doing the [...]

It’s not unusual to be sued by anyone2018-12-19T11:22:06+00:00

In Amsterdam We Trust


An Amsterdam souvenir shop is no longer allowed to sell its “In Amsterdam We Trust”-sweaters. A Dutch court has ruled in favour of the streetwear brand “In Gold We Trust”. It concerned a grey hoodie, with a text in white [...]

In Amsterdam We Trust2019-01-16T09:33:05+00:00

Satanic Temple sues Netflix


The Satanic Temple in Salem (USA) is suing Netflix and Warner Bros. for millions of dollars, claiming the company used a copied image of the temple's Baphomet statue in the recently released "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"-series. The temple filed a [...]

Satanic Temple sues Netflix2018-12-18T10:24:04+00:00

A magical coincidence?


The logo of a Turkish entertainment company appears to show great similarities with the logo of the amusement park "Toverland" (Magic Land), situated in the provence of Limburg, The Netherlands. At first glance, the logo of the Turkish company Sento [...]

A magical coincidence?2018-12-18T10:12:13+00:00

Tesla tequilla


Normally, as a car manufacturer you don't want to be associated with alcohol, because you don't drink and drive. But then you don't know Elon Musk. What seemingly started as a joke appears to become reality when Tesla filed for a [...]

Tesla tequilla2018-12-18T10:07:44+00:00
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