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Sundae Bloody Sundae


McDonald's in Portugal has apologized for the marketing slogan "Sundae Bloody Sundae" in his Halloween campaign. Many people reacted furiously to the slogan that refers to one of the bloodiest days during 'The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. The term 'Bloody [...]

Sundae Bloody Sundae2019-11-26T14:10:47+01:00

Not livin’ it up at the Hotel California


Rock band The Eagles are suing a hotel over its name. The Eagles, perhaps best known for the 1976 classic "Hotel California" acquired the trademark for the name 'Hotel California' in the late 1970s. The hotel in question opened in [...]

Not livin’ it up at the Hotel California2019-11-26T14:08:50+01:00

Copy as you are (2)


A California federal court recently ruled in favour of the grunge band Nirvana in an ongoing case against fashion label Marc Jacobs. In December 2018 Nirvana filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Marc Jacobs for stealing its iconic yellow and [...]

Copy as you are (2)2019-11-26T14:03:19+01:00

Don’t mess with the Escobar-brand


If there’s one person whose intellectual property you don’t wanna mess with, it’s Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, the brother of the now-late drug overlord Pablo Escobar. Escobar Inc, the self-proclaimed rightful owner of the Pablo Escobar trademark, has won [...]

Don’t mess with the Escobar-brand2019-11-26T14:00:23+01:00

A Rubik’s cube is just a cube


This month, the General Court of the European Union ruled on appeal that the shape of the Rubik's cube cannot be registered as an EU trademark. This confirms the decision that was already made in 2017. Since 1999, the cube [...]

A Rubik’s cube is just a cube2019-11-26T13:50:46+01:00

©© Peniston


Melissa Vivianne Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. Currently, she is under fire for potential copyright infringement.   The 90s hit artist CeCe Peniston took to Instagram this to accuse Lizzo of copying her ad-libs [...]

©© Peniston2019-11-26T13:49:06+01:00

Kim against KKW


Late August, reality star Kim Kardashian West filed an opposition at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) opposing a Chinese company’s trademark registration for the initials ‘KKW’. The trademark was applied for products including boom boxes, mobile phone cases, [...]

Kim against KKW2019-11-26T13:43:08+01:00

Banksy opens shop


Street artist Banksy has launched a homewares shop in a dispute over a trademark, stating he had been forced into taking the unusual step of opening his own homewares store following a legal dispute with a greetings card company. Gross [...]

Banksy opens shop2019-11-28T14:04:05+01:00

China improves Intellectual Property laws


China and the protection of intellectual property; it has not proven to be the best combination in recent years. Piracy and poor enforcement of rules have been seldom an exception. But, as the Chinese are now saying, things are improving. [...]

China improves Intellectual Property laws2019-10-14T11:16:20+01:00



You almost couldn't have missed it: the new iPhone 11 is out. And it's packed with new features. Features that Apple is keen on trademarking. Like the new "slofie" feature. A "slofie" is Apple's name for making a selfie video [...]

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