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Although it is still a ‘fast food’ chain, McDonald’s is moving towards healthier meals, reducing calories in its meals. This advertisement, spotted by one of our observant attorneys during his holiday, is an accidental extension of this trend.: an ad [...]


Why would a sheriff do that?


Normally, as a clothing brand, you want your clothes on as many people as you can. Well, you should be careful what you wish for. A sheriff in Union County, Arkansas (USA) has been putting Nike t-shirts on people they arrest [...]

Why would a sheriff do that?2018-10-30T08:57:54+00:00

I am… too famous


The big trick is to get your trademark well-known, famous even. This takes a lot of marketing effort, but who doesn't want to be up there with Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola? Well, the city of Amsterdam doesn't; it is removing a [...]

I am… too famous2018-10-30T08:55:25+00:00

Covered by a cover


A Canadian artist is accusing a home decor retailer of copyright infringement after noticing a duvet cover that resembles her painting that hung in one of the company’s stores. Artist Jill Paddock’s blue, yellow and white abstract painting of flowers [...]

Covered by a cover2018-10-30T08:45:17+00:00

Can’t do it My Way


A local talent contest called "Sinatra Idol" has to change its name, after receiving a cease and desist letter over copyright infringement from the hit show "American Idol." The annual show in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA) had been hosted in [...]

Can’t do it My Way2018-10-30T08:42:28+00:00

Netflix takes it easy


EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Iounnou takes Netflix to court. The airline tycoon claims Netflix is ​​infringing its European trademarks with its Easy comedy series. Haji-Iounnou believes there are more and more "brand thieves" trying to "hitchhike" on his company's goodwill. By [...]

Netflix takes it easy2018-10-29T16:20:36+00:00

Go-Kart event stopped by Nintendo


The District Court in Tokio ordered the operator of a go-kart service to stop its event. MariCar, Inc. hosted an go-kart race, in which the attendees were allowed to drive on public roads wearing costumes of Nintendo's characters in the [...]

Go-Kart event stopped by Nintendo2018-10-29T16:18:29+00:00

Not so Original Penguin


7-Eleven is suing menswear brand Original Penguin. The world’s largest convenience store retailer claims Original Penguin has copied its iconic private brands, including SLURPEE, SLURPEE LITE, and BRAINFREEZE on clothing. According to 7-Eleven this constitutes “trademark infringement, dilution and unfair [...]

Not so Original Penguin2018-10-29T16:08:06+00:00

Maya the smoking Bee


Belgian children’s program producer Studio 100 has gotten into a copyright fight over its icon cartoon “Maya the Bee”, after a Greenpeace campaign had used the image of the cartoon character. Just before the summer, Greenpeace launched an ad campaign [...]

Maya the smoking Bee2018-10-29T15:15:01+00:00

A cloudy case


A photographer from Montana (USA) has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for, allegedly, using one of his photos without permission in two of its productions. The photographer in question, Sean R. Heavey, says Netflix used his photo entitled “The Mothership”, [...]

A cloudy case2018-10-29T14:45:23+00:00
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