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No Cool shit trademark in Europe


One of the biggest pitfalls of new trademarks is the requirement that a trademark must meet a certain distinctiveness. The most common refusal is that a trademark is too descriptive: it informs the consumer in a too direct way about [...]

No Cool shit trademark in Europe2016-09-27T12:06:12+01:00

WhatsApp triumphs over WhosApp


WhatsApp is an immensely popular program for sharing messages, photos, etc. with friends or groups. Whats up with WhatsApp? Well, WhatsApp is not so happy with the trademark WhosApp. Whose app? WhoseApp of the German company WhoseApp. WhosApp is however [...]

WhatsApp triumphs over WhosApp2016-09-22T11:47:58+01:00

No European wings for Flügel


Maybe not quite a sophisticated drink during a trademark conference, but still, you might know Flügel, a small shot with a big party (quoting the slogan of the product). Red Bull has problems with the European trademark Flügel. But why? [...]

No European wings for Flügel2016-09-20T10:02:09+01:00

Time to play BrandBandits


Some of you might know it already: our memory game called BrandBandits. A game that you can play during office hours, because it is all about trademarks: checking whether your memory is ok and, more importantly, whether your trademark assessment [...]

Time to play BrandBandits2016-09-15T11:26:46+01:00

Paul Frank anti-aping


Sometimes we see trademark cases and we think "really"? Does the applicant really thought he could getting away with an application like this? Or did the applicant not have any clue? Probably Paul Frank, godfather of Julius the Monkey, thought [...]

Paul Frank anti-aping2016-09-13T09:45:36+01:00

Watch out with Spanish Donuts


Everyone knows donuts: a sweet roll with a hole in the middle. Everyone? No, not everyone. In Spain 99.7% think of Panrico Donuts, a brand for, yes, donuts. Strange? Well, it happens sometimes that a generic name in one country [...]

Watch out with Spanish Donuts2016-09-08T11:21:33+01:00

No infringement in the air


In no time, Airbnb has become a world famous company. The idea of a marketplace for short rentals of apartments is not unique, but the ease of use and the thousands of people in each town that offer their home [...]

No infringement in the air2016-09-06T14:38:24+01:00

The Algarve in South Africa


The Dutch Advertising Code applies to all advertising. Advertising should comply with the code, which means for example that advertising must not be misleading. In other words, the advertisement must not create the impression that the buyer gets something while [...]

The Algarve in South Africa2016-09-01T11:04:12+01:00

Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case


Will Apple and Swatch ever be friends again? The fight between the two began when Apple announced the iWatch. Swatch had already registered the trademark iSwatch and feared confusion between the marks. Ultimately, Apple chose a different name, namely Apple [...]

Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case2016-08-30T09:39:05+01:00

Volkswagen reversed


A reversed Volkswagen logo led to angry faces in Wolfsburg. Was the logo Main Auto Wheels (as shown under) not too similar to the famous Volkswagen logo? No, said the Opposition Division of the EUIPO. Volkswagen appealed but the Board [...]

Volkswagen reversed2016-08-24T11:45:37+01:00
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