Baby Jagger

While the rest of the Rolling Stones are probably preparing themselves for a farewell tour Mick Jagger has his hands full with Baby Jagger. The trademark Baby Jagger.

This mark was filed in the European Union for clothing, jewelry and cosmetics. Against the wishes of Mick Jagger because Musidor, the company of the Stones, filed an opposition against the trademark Baby Jagger. One of the grounds invoked was risk of confusion.The Ohim could follow that argument. The consumer attributes more attention to the surname and this name is identical in both trademarks. So, the Ohim concludes that the consumer could think that the trademarks are originating from one and the same company.

The opposition succeeds and the registration of Baby Jagger is refused for cosmetics and clothing. But not for jewelry etc. because Mick Jagger was not registered for these products and Ohim found these not similar. As Musidor had foreseen this they also based the opposition on a well-known brand and an unregistered right. As proof of this, a print-out from Wikipedia about Mick Jagger has been submitted. The Ohim was little impressed and declined the arguments. A famous person is not yet a well-known trademark for cosmetics.

Musidor now quickly filed the trademark Mick Jagger in the European Union for amongst other jewels. We are wondering if Baby Jagger will agree with this. Do not piss off babies!

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