Battle of the band names

It seems to be a sort of unwritten rule that as a starting band you choose a name that doesn’t exist. A good search is recommended whereas you should look further than the borders of your country as music travels fast through, Myspace and Spotify. In fact, the world is the new stage. Therefore, band name conflicts do occur faster.

As great music lovers we sometimes come across names that might be considered as trademark trouble (however, we are not aware of any conflicts between the names ).

Artists and band names with a visual similarity:

Pink ./. Fink
The Orb ./. Orbital
Ryan Adams ./. Bryan Adams
Nid & Sancy ./. Sid & Nancy
The Kills ./. The Killers
Mac Miller ./. Marcus Miller
PJ Harvey ./. DJ Harvey

Names of bands with an aural similarity:

Black Dice ./. Black Eyes
War Tapes ./. Warpaint
Frightened Rabbits ./. White Rabbits
Beach Boys ./. Beastie Boys

Also remarkable is the co-existence between the well known music magazine The Rolling Stone and one of the most famous bands in the world The Rolling Stones.

Some names have a certain conceptual similarity, for example the bands Cassettes, Microphones and Walkmen. A relation is also present between the bands The Editors, The Mixers en The Sounds. Fuck is also a popular word in band names:  Holy Fuck, Fuck Buttons and Fucked Up. After all it is rock & roll.


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