Beer, babes & domain names

It seemed like a great idea at the time. During the last soccer World Cup in South Africa, Dutch brewery Bavaria hired a bunch of good looking girls, dressed them in a sexy, orange (color of the Dutch soccer team) “Bavaria-dress” and made them cheer. Because the girls were pleasing to the eye, the camera’s were on them quite a lot.

A nice example of guerilla marketing, because during a World Cup it is forbidden to advertise if you are not one of the official FIFA sponsors. The girls got arrested and all was blown up to huge proportions, with even the Dutch government intervening.

Now Bavaria faces another challenge.

The company Movuz is selling mobile bars. And they are using the domain name to do that. Movuz also registered the twitter account @bavariababes.

Bavaria is not amused.

The quarrel has now risen to a point that it will soon be fought out in court. According to Bavaria CEO Peer Swinkels, there is no other way of seeing it “We own the name, that’s obvious.”  Mr. Harm Martens, one of the three directors of Movuz, has a more practical approach: “They want their name back and we want our product to market. There must be something to invent.” agrees with Bavaria. Movuz is trying to benefit form the reputation that Bavaria built up with name. It’s better for Movuz to settle this out of court.

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