//Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond

No Time to Die is the title of the James Bond movie that will be released in 2020. Great occasion to assess the trademark portfolio! Probably the reason to file the  intro of the James Bond film, as a trademark in the European Union.

A part of a clip of movie is nowadays a more common application, we have seen before the application Netflix leader. A good idea in the event the trademark is distinctive, and important. When filing the trademark you have actually two options: a motion mark and a multimedia mark. But what’s the difference?

A motion mark only concerns the movement of a brand and therefore does not include sound. If there is sound, it is a multimedia brand. The company behind James Bond has opted for both type of trademarks and has therefore filedtwo applications. Whereas the  James Bond intro is of course very distinctive, this largely due to the music. The EUIPO agrees with this view and has accepted the multimedia application. However, the motion mark is still under examination. When this takes too long, there is often a refusal pending. Hopefully this is not at hand for mr. Bond!


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