Brexit®: the trademark

BrexitRecently, Europe was astonished by the outcome of the Brexit-vote. The UK is most likely leaving the European Union. What does this mean for trademarks?
First of all, nothing. Well, at least for now.  Although there is a large amount of uncertainty surrounding IP-rights covering the current EU, before the much debated article 50 procedure is actually invoked, the process of exit is not yet officially underway.
Secondly, if the UK does indeed leave the EU, it will no longer be part of the European trademark (EU TM) or registered design (EU Design) systems. What will happen to those rights is not clear at this point.
Finally, meanwhile, as always, there have been a few trying to commercialise the Brexit, by registering the name BREXIT as a trademark. A quick glance at the register shows some interesting examples:

  • word mark BREXIT filed in the UK for ‘beverages’;
  • word mark BREXIT filed in the EU for ‘beverages’;
  • word mark BREXIT filed in the UK for ‘food’;
  • word mark BREXIT filed in Spain for ‘pharmaceuticals;
  • word mark ENGLISH BREXIT TEA filed in the UK for ‘candles’ and ‘tea’.

We will of course keep you posted on any important changes or implications concerning the Brexit.

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