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Burberry - Burberry PerryLuxury fashion brand Burberry is suing a rapper and producer Burberry Perry… over his name.
Burberry filed the lawsuit in a New York court, claiming Burberry Perry is infringing its trademark and is causing dilution. The court documents reveal that the rappers real name is Perry Moise, but he chose “Burberry” as part of his stage name. to make matter worse, he used the label’s signature check print and equestrian logo to promote his self-titled EP.
Besides fashion, Burberry has founded Burberry Acoustic in 2010, a digital platform that commissions and celebrates emerging artists with exclusive performances.
A reach-out to the hip-hop artist led to no response at first, so Burberry took it to the next level, stating: “As a global luxury brand, Burberry considers the protection of its intellectual property vital for the health of its business and to safeguard its customers. As such, Burberry goes to great lengths to protect its creative designs and will take all necessary action against the abuse of Burberry trademarks.”
UPDATE: just a day later, Perry Moise revealed via Twitter that he has changed his stage name — and his corresponding social media accounts — to The Good Perry (also known as TG Perry).

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