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Can’t do it My Way

can't do it my wayA local talent contest called “Sinatra Idol” has to change its name, after receiving a cease and desist letter over copyright infringement from the hit show “American Idol.”

The annual show in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA) had been hosted in honor of Frank Sinatra, a Hoboken native. FremantleMedia, owner of the AMERICAN IDOL and IDOL trademarks, however, did not like the idea of people believing that there is some connection or association between Sinatra Idol and American Idol.

The mayor of Hoboken stated the organization of Sinatra Idol “discussed alternatives”, like ‘The Sinatra Voice’ or ‘The S Factor,” but we thought it might be best for Hoboken to suggest new names for Sinatra Idol., although the mayor really didn’t see what the fuzz was all about: “Sinatra Idol is basically 12 guys in fedoras singing ‘My Way’…”.

© photo City of Hoboken, NJ

Erwin Hauër

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