Appetite For Infringement


80s Hard Rock band Guns ‘N’ Roses is taking a Colorado brewery to court for alleged copyright infringement, alleging the brewery has been selling a craft beer named "Guns ‘N’ Rosé ale" since 2018 without the band’s approval. The brewery [...]

Appetite For Infringement2019-05-20T10:21:26+02:00

Movie poster imitations


In 1980, the average cost of marketing a studio movie was $4.3 million (about $12 million adjusted for inflation), according to The Hollywood Reporter. The same article estimates that number around $40 million today. The biggest movies spend more than [...]

Movie poster imitations2019-05-20T10:33:47+02:00

Bad man or Batman?


Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly filing a copyright infringement complaint regarding a dramatic video posted by US President Trump, featuring music from one of the “Batman” movies. The studio says part of the score in the video posted Tuesday is [...]

Bad man or Batman?2019-04-16T10:42:00+02:00

Llama drama


The creators of the giant stuffed llamas in Fall Out Boy’s “Young and Menace” video have sued the band, alleging they were licensed to use the puppets for just the video “but not beyond.” Further uses of the llama puppets, [...]

Llama drama2019-04-16T10:02:37+02:00

Grande restrictions


American pop music star Ariana Grande has sparked an outcry from photographers and media organizations with her new concert tour agreement. Reportedly, as a response to “greedy photographers” taking advantage of her in the past, the new contract requires that [...]

Grande restrictions2019-04-16T09:56:02+02:00

Land slide win for Land Rover


Land Rover has finally won a lawsuit against the Chinese Landwind, which sells an almost exact copy of the Evoque on its home market. The Chinese court may no longer sell the Landwind X7. A precedent on Chinese soil, of [...]

Land slide win for Land Rover2019-04-16T16:21:11+02:00

It’s not unsusual to be sued by anyone (2)


The American actor Alfonso Ribeiro withdraws the lawsuit (see our earlier post) filed against Fortnite developer Epic Games. In the popular battle royale game Fortnite, players can do the 'Carlton' dance, which Ribeiro performed in the comedy series The Fresh [...]

It’s not unsusual to be sued by anyone (2)2019-03-19T09:18:53+02:00

Warner Bros. makes Harry Potter Cafe disappear


Warner Bros Entertainment has sued a Harry Potter-themed cafe in Hong Kong for copyright infringement. The Hollywood film studio accused the "9 3/4 Cafe" in Hong Kong of infringing its copyright to its original artistic works and demanded damages. Warner [...]

Warner Bros. makes Harry Potter Cafe disappear2019-02-19T11:17:05+02:00

Casa di Papel’s use of Dalí mask unlawful?


The Dalí Foundation wants to ban the masks worn by the protagonists in the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel. According to the foundation, the masks, which are based on the face of the Spanish artist, were used by [...]

Casa di Papel’s use of Dalí mask unlawful?2019-02-19T11:13:47+02:00

Game over, cheaters!


Epic, one of the world's largest video game producer, has recently sued a YouTuber by the name of Golden Modz for selling Fortnite Battle Royale cheats. Copyright infringement, Epic says. The YouTube channel basically contains videos of cheats shown in [...]

Game over, cheaters!2019-02-19T10:41:05+02:00
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