No-Go Kart


A Japanese court fined the Japanese karting company Mari Mobility for the sum of €416,000 for infringing Nintendo’s copyrights. The karting company offered “Mario Kart racing” in Tokyo. Customers could rent costumes and dress up like Mario, Luigi or Yoshi. [...]

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The Chinese fast-food chain Real Kungfu has been sued by Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts actor and kung fu legend Bruce Lee, for 27 million euros. The company has been using the image of Lee since 2004. Real Kungfu, [...]




Apple removed the Rewound app from the App Store this week. The app made it possible to add the design of an iPod Classic to an iPhone. The app was well-received by users, as it was very cleverly made. However, [...]


From Jay to Z


Rapper Jay-Z has sued an Australian author for trademark and copyright infringement over a children’s book. Jessica Chiha, the author of the children’s book “A B to Jay-Z” published in 2017 by her Kickstarter-funded company, has upset the rapper. Jay-Z's [...]

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Copyright is bananas!


You may have heard this: a banana artwork that was worth $120,000 is eaten by 'hungry' artist. An artwork that sold this month for $120,000 and was hailed as “a symbol of global trade” has been eaten, in what might [...]

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Copy as you are (2)


A California federal court recently ruled in favour of the grunge band Nirvana in an ongoing case against fashion label Marc Jacobs. In December 2018 Nirvana filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Marc Jacobs for stealing its iconic yellow and [...]

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Your robot lookalike


According to a Dutch newspaper, British robot maker Geomiq is looking for someone who wants to transfer the right to his portrait. Geomiq wants to use this portrait as a face for their care robots. The company offers good money. [...]

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©© Peniston


Melissa Vivianne Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. Currently, she is under fire for potential copyright infringement.   The 90s hit artist CeCe Peniston took to Instagram this to accuse Lizzo of copying her ad-libs [...]

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No uphill battle for Dunhill


British luxury brand Alfred Dunhill has been awarded 10 million yuan (US$1.44 million) in damages on Wednesday after a 'groundbreaking' decision by a Chinese court found a local rival guilty of trademark infringement and unfair competition practice. Danhuoli had originally [...]

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Pandora’s box


Music services Pandora is under attack by a range of artists and publishers, including Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, The Doors and others. Wixen, a music publisher that represents The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, The Doors and Weezer, amongst others, [...]

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