Your robot lookalike


According to a Dutch newspaper, British robot maker Geomiq is looking for someone who wants to transfer the right to his portrait. Geomiq wants to use this portrait as a face for their care robots. The company offers good money. [...]

Your robot lookalike2019-10-30T09:42:28+01:00

©© Peniston


Melissa Vivianne Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. Currently, she is under fire for potential copyright infringement.   The 90s hit artist CeCe Peniston took to Instagram this to accuse Lizzo of copying her ad-libs [...]

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No uphill battle for Dunhill


British luxury brand Alfred Dunhill has been awarded 10 million yuan (US$1.44 million) in damages on Wednesday after a 'groundbreaking' decision by a Chinese court found a local rival guilty of trademark infringement and unfair competition practice. Danhuoli had originally [...]

No uphill battle for Dunhill2019-09-16T10:47:55+01:00

Pandora’s box


Music services Pandora is under attack by a range of artists and publishers, including Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, The Doors and others. Wixen, a music publisher that represents The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, The Doors and Weezer, amongst others, [...]

Pandora’s box2019-09-18T08:18:34+01:00

Lego Wars


The Chinese police raided a factory in the city of Shenzen, where fake LEGO was said to have been produced and sold for millions of euros. "In October 2018, the police discovered that Lepin building blocks offered for sale were [...]

Lego Wars2019-08-20T11:36:42+01:00

Sad face


Chinese company Xiaomi is going to release a new smartphone with a surprising new feature. 3D emoji that look just like you. Xiaomi has even come up with a very original name: Mimoji. The link with Apple's memoji's is quite [...]

Sad face2019-08-20T10:45:24+01:00



Sometimes, copycats make it easy to spot where they got their inspiration. This is low-cost retail chain Primark's attempt to ride the coattails of Veja's reputation. Veja's shoe is the one on the right, in case you didn't notice. Of [...]


Strings attached


Gibson, the iconic guitar brand, has accused Dean Guitars of infringing on seven of its copyrighted designs, including the body shape of the Flying V. Explorer, SG and ES models in addition to the Dove Wing headstock design, the Moderne [...]

Strings attached2019-07-17T08:21:47+01:00

Copying Brooke Shield’s eyebrows


Brooke Shields, famous for the Blue Lagoon, has filed a lawsuit against makeup company Charlotte Tilbury and its related retailers who she claims have infringed her famous eyebrows. Charlotte Tilbury and its related retailers are alleged to have profited off [...]

Copying Brooke Shield’s eyebrows2019-06-20T10:06:41+01:00

Not so belle


Louis Vuitton is taking two Chinese shoemakers to court for allegedly copying the design of its popular Archlight sneakers. The French fashion house is suing Belle International (China) and Best Able Footwear — both subsidiaries of Chinese shoe giant Belle [...]

Not so belle2019-06-19T08:31:09+01:00
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