Primark big ‘fan’ of Vans


According to the iconic shoes manufacturer Vans, Irish clothing chain Primark has copied two of its famous sneakers. A US court may look into the case. Vans filed a complaint with the New York court earlier this month. The Americans [...]

Primark big ‘fan’ of Vans2019-01-14T12:06:43+00:00

Copy As You Are


The band Nirvana has sued for copyright infringement over Marc Jacobs' Grunge Redux Collection, alleging that the fashion brand is infringing on the band’s copyright for its smiley face logo. According to the lawsuit, the late Kurt Cobain created the [...]

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It’s not unusual to be sued by anyone


Fresh Prince's "Carlton", played by Alfonso Ribeiro, is suing the developers of the popular game Fortnite over "the Carlton dance", which is used in the game. Ribeiro is also taking legal action against a different game developer for doing the [...]

It’s not unusual to be sued by anyone2018-12-19T11:22:06+00:00

Satanic Temple sues Netflix


The Satanic Temple in Salem (USA) is suing Netflix and Warner Bros. for millions of dollars, claiming the company used a copied image of the temple's Baphomet statue in the recently released "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"-series. The temple filed a [...]

Satanic Temple sues Netflix2018-12-18T10:24:04+00:00



Artist The Weeknd is indicted by comic book maker Eymun Talasazan for plagiarism. The singer is said to have stolen the idea for a comic book about his alter ego Starboy from the maker. Allegedly, Talasazan had talks with the [...]


Brick by brick


Toy brick maker Lego has won another case against imitators in China, where copies of its colorful plastic toy bricks and figures have been a recurring problem. Last year, in a landmark case, Lego succeeded for the first time in [...]

Brick by brick2018-11-19T16:33:31+00:00

Game over?


Amusement park Walibi is being scared by Nintendo over its annual Halloween Fright Nights. Walibi has been using Nintendo characters. Nintendo claims to never have given permission to use its copyrighted characters. During Halloween the Dutch amusement park used bloody versions [...]

Game over?2018-11-19T16:27:20+00:00

Not so happy


Pharrell Williams is not so ‘Happy’, and threatens to sue President Trump for using his song. Singer and artist Pharrell Williams has sent a cease-and-desist letter to President Donald Trump after the president played Williams' 2014 smash hit "Happy" at [...]

Not so happy2018-11-19T16:13:13+00:00

A dress to impress


American fashion label Halston claims that Calvin Klein has violated its copyright by copying three designs for dresses. Everything revolves around three dresses of which Halston stated that Calvin Klein has copied them indiscriminately. It concerns a black knee-height dress [...]

A dress to impress2018-11-20T11:19:14+00:00

A cloudy case


A photographer from Montana (USA) has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for, allegedly, using one of his photos without permission in two of its productions. The photographer in question, Sean R. Heavey, says Netflix used his photo entitled “The Mothership”, [...]

A cloudy case2018-10-29T14:45:23+00:00
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