Puma’s dictator sneakers


Puma has withdrawn a specific colour combination of the Storm Adrenaline sneakers from its webshop. The reason: people apparently believe the shoes resemble Adolf Hitler. They are not the most high-end sneakers from the German sportswear manufacturer, but because of [...]

Puma’s dictator sneakers2020-04-15T08:52:06+02:00

A brick in the design wall


In addition to registering words, logos and slogans as a trademark, you can also protect a design as a model. Because companies are increasingly distinguishing themselves in terms of packaging and product design, design protection is gaining popularity. In fact, [...]

A brick in the design wall2019-10-14T11:00:26+02:00



This week we saw in the news that Versace made a sensitive product mistake: cities are listed on a t-shirt with the country behind it. This t-shirt led to a fuss in China when it became clear that Hong Kong [...]


Slipper suit


Sports brand Puma has filed a law suit over pop artist Rihanna’s shoes. After reports that retailer Forever 21 is offering lookalike versions of footwear from Rihanna’s Fenty line for Puma, the German sportswear brand is striking back with a [...]

Slipper suit2017-04-05T09:57:50+02:00

It’s a matter of taste


Companies distinguish themselves with a name or an original logo. And increasingly also with distinctive designs and packaging. The latter can be protected by a design registration. One of the quickest IP procedures is the European design registration whereas EUIPO [...]

It’s a matter of taste2017-03-14T09:58:02+01:00

The clonephone


Big news yesterday: In India you can buy a smartphone for only 3 euros and 30 cents. Quite cheap, isn't? We already know that, also in view of the sky high  profits of for example Apple that the price of [...]

The clonephone2019-02-26T10:42:04+01:00



What if Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst were hired by the some multinationals to redesign their logo's? Or what if these artist had made their interpretation of world famous logo's? Probably, something like this below! These redesigns [...]




If your fans have their own fan name, you are a big star. Think of the Beliebers, fans of Justin Bieber. And of course the Trekkies (or Trekkers), fans of Star Trek. But there are fans and there are fans. [...]




The name Icon5 sounds promising. The ideal name for a super plane, which this sport aircraft is. First of all, this plane can land on water and on land! Moreover, in addition to the light-weight materials, there is this very [...]


Logo designs


The recent change of the policy trademark offices towards the protection of black / white device registrations urged us to rethink the filing strategies.  Are certain trademarks still fully protected? And will the use of a logo in color be [...]

Logo designs2014-12-16T07:28:36+01:00
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