Presidential domain name grabbers


Billionaire and Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer has bought the domain name, the slogan for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. Moreover, the site directs users to purchase Steyer bumper stickers that read “Trump is a fraud and a [...]

Presidential domain name grabbers2020-01-16T11:36:00+01:00

Country versus countryman


The French government is being sued over the way it has sought to take over the domain name <>. In 2015, France started legal action against Frenchman Jean-Noel Frydman, who had registered <> in 1994. Almost two years later, a [...]

Country versus countryman2018-05-11T16:26:15+02:00

Jacob’s 66


Marc Jacobs Files Suit Against 66 Websites for 'Infringement and Counterfeiting Scheme' Marc Jacobs is being sued by adidas, but fights back... against others. The fashion house has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against 66 different websites, including, and [...]

Jacob’s 662015-05-08T06:45:02+02:00

And the winner of 2015 is…


An hot air tool! Left the original Steiner Vertrieb GmbH, the copy right of Shenzhen Jin Xiong (yes, China). This copy is chosen by Plagiarius as 2015 most blatant copy. Also remarkable copies, Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and a demonstration [...]

And the winner of 2015 is…2019-02-26T11:52:49+01:00

Independent Scotland?


With bated breath everyone in the UK will await the outcome of the Scottish referendum. Will Scotland vote for its independence? Will Scotland no longer be a part of the United Kingdom? For most trademark owners a Scottish independence will [...]

Independent Scotland?2014-09-18T08:40:06+02:00

Beer, babes & domain names


It seemed like a great idea at the time. During the last soccer World Cup in South Africa, Dutch brewery Bavaria hired a bunch of good looking girls, dressed them in a sexy, orange (color of the Dutch soccer team) [...]

Beer, babes & domain names2019-02-28T11:56:42+01:00

.brand? Really?


Today ICANN approved a plan to dramatically increase the number of Internet domain name endings (called generic top-level domains or gTLDs). One of which is the .brand-extension. Something to watch out for. For trademark owners, that is. According to ICANN [...]

.brand? Really?2011-06-20T12:56:03+02:00



Are you planning a website about airports, ticket prices, unfaithful husbands and wives or a talking pig, and you want an easy, generic domain name? Then you better pull out some cash, because these (already registered) domain names do not come cheap. As a [...]


Knijff = IP Firm of 2011


Knijff Trademark Attorneys has been chosen as “Benelux IP Firm of the year 2011″ by Managing Intellectual Property (MIP). And we are proud. Of course. Very proud. Every year the Global MIP Awards are held for the best and most innovative IP companies. [...]

Knijff = IP Firm of 20112018-10-23T09:33:52+02:00
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