DIY Counterfeit


Say, you want to produce counterfeit products. It may seem like it takes a lot of effort: copying the product, the brand name, producing labels, distribution, etc. Well, there are always some smart entrepreneurs that will help you out. Take, [...]

DIY Counterfeit2018-10-23T09:19:28+02:00

And the winner of 2018 is…


Fake news is still a trending topic in 2018. Fake or counterfeit products are also a major problem worldwide. The annual fake election of Action Plagiarius is an important moment to draw attention to this problem. During this election, a [...]

And the winner of 2018 is…2019-03-06T10:55:31+01:00

Not so Appy


Apple is being sued for its new App Store logo, due to an alleged resemblance with a Chinese clothing brand logo. When Apple released the updated App Store as part of its new iOS 11, the App Store logo was [...]

Not so Appy2018-10-23T09:19:34+02:00

The wheels were fake


One year in jail. That’s what a Dutch public prosecutor has demanded from the court against a 49-year old man that had imported counterfeit road bikes wheel sets from China. The Dutch man sold the wheels as genuine products. They [...]

The wheels were fake2018-10-23T09:19:37+02:00

Waste of energy


A man was sentenced to seven years in prison over counterfeit energy drinks. The man, Walid Jamil, was a member of an operation that sold counterfeit versions of the energy drink 5-Hour Energy. He was in charge of designing and [...]

Waste of energy2018-10-23T09:19:44+02:00

And the winner of 2017 is…


In a world where fake products are still a growing problem but are rapidly caught up by the problem of fake news, there is one truth: the every year fake election of Action Plagiarius. This institute informs the public about [...]

And the winner of 2017 is…2019-02-26T11:51:33+01:00

And the winner of 2016 is…


Cannot be disclosed by Plagiarius (the counterfeit specialists) yet as it wants not to intervene in current judicial procedures. So, the prize is being suspended until the final adjudication. How about building up the suspense! But number two is a [...]

And the winner of 2016 is…2018-10-23T09:19:49+02:00

The clonephone


Big news yesterday: In India you can buy a smartphone for only 3 euros and 30 cents. Quite cheap, isn't? We already know that, also in view of the sky high  profits of for example Apple that the price of [...]

The clonephone2019-02-26T10:42:04+01:00

Bag to differ


Fashion designer Stella McCartney is claiming that Steve Madden is copying her famous designer bags, and calls them a “poorly made knock-off”. Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag is one of the brand’s best-selling items. It features a very distinctive silver hardware [...]

Bag to differ2015-10-16T08:06:01+02:00

Countering counterfeit currency


The US dollar is one of the most faked currencies out there. It is estimated by the US Secret Service, the federal agency responsible for protecting the US currency, that prior to the adoption of a national currency in 1863, [...]

Countering counterfeit currency2018-10-23T09:19:51+02:00
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