Ray-Ban or Royo Bom?


The summer holidays are always a great moment to spot trademark infringements. As we often say: a trademark attorney is never really on vacation. This "beauty" is spotted in Portugal, where a pair of good sunglasses are essential. It is [...]

Ray-Ban or Royo Bom?2019-07-24T22:55:22+02:00

Gaudi’s Barcelona


How do you call your hotel in Barcelona? Not quite original, but very suitable is the name Gaudi, the architect who has embellished Barcelona with his buildings. And so it happened. The owner of the hotel Gaudi was smart enough [...]

Gaudi’s Barcelona2019-07-31T17:09:13+02:00

Sink vs. Sink


A South Carolina lawyer has sued his son for starting a law firm with the same name. George Sink Jr. might be the son’s legal name—but it’s weird for him to use it, his father alleges. Father and son, both [...]

Sink vs. Sink2019-07-20T16:30:01+02:00

Bruges Beer Battle


An application of the trademark BRUGSE BEER caused quite a stir in beer country: this application was faced with not one but two oppositions. The first opposition was based on the trademark BRUGS from the Alken-Maes Brewery. The second was [...]

Bruges Beer Battle2019-07-16T11:43:23+02:00



Sometimes, copycats make it easy to spot where they got their inspiration. This is low-cost retail chain Primark's attempt to ride the coattails of Veja's reputation. Veja's shoe is the one on the right, in case you didn't notice. Of [...]


Strings attached


Gibson, the iconic guitar brand, has accused Dean Guitars of infringing on seven of its copyrighted designs, including the body shape of the Flying V. Explorer, SG and ES models in addition to the Dove Wing headstock design, the Moderne [...]

Strings attached2019-07-17T08:21:47+02:00

Boss loss


Registering your brand for many products and services is especially important for major brands. That way you don't have to file a new brand every time there is a brand extension. It is also easier for you to act against [...]

Boss loss2019-07-17T08:36:14+02:00

Double Jack


Jack Daniel’s, the famous whiskey, does not like Jack David. Jack Daniel’s files an opposition against the European application based on taking unfair advantage / being detrimental to the reputation of the brand. The risk of confusion is invoked as [...]

Double Jack2019-06-20T10:13:08+02:00

Relax but be active


When someone is not happy with a trademark application, in most cases an objection will follow during the application procedure. In most countries, the person can also use an opposition procedure. Once the trademark has been registered, an objection can [...]

Relax but be active2019-06-19T08:28:05+02:00



Since last year, it is possible in the Benelux to file cancellation actions against (registered) trademarks. A huge extension of the possibilities of a trademark owner, this sometimes prevents court actions. Like in the EU, you can file revocation actions [...]

PURE DRAUGHT2019-06-19T08:19:14+02:00
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