A kiss against a kiss


Finding an available trademark is a big hurdle for many companies. The first step is conducting availability searches. For this reason Knijff developed Multisearch®, availability searches conducted by local agents but all in one format and with an overall opinion. [...]

A kiss against a kiss2019-05-15T09:30:15+02:00

Beam me up


Generally speaking, the title of a book cannot be a trademark, after all, the title is part of the product and has no function as a trademark. Because books sometimes form the basis for a blog, television program, etc., you [...]

Beam me up2019-05-17T14:58:48+02:00

What’s in a name?


The protection of names of famous people as a trademark is an interesting subject in trademark law. What is considered to be genuine use of a name? And who is entitled to file this trademark? You can make a distinction [...]

What’s in a name?2019-05-17T15:00:42+02:00

The LEGO twins (2)


We mentioned earlier an application in the EU of a LEGO look-alike man. And as expected, LEGO has problems with this trademark and has now filed an opposition. The trademark application against which an opposition has been filed has already [...]

The LEGO twins (2)2019-05-14T16:45:02+02:00

Beer Fraud


Two suspects from Nijkerk (the Netherlands) were sentenced up to 15 months' imprisonment this month for "beer fraud". According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, at least 5,000 counterfeit kegs of beer have been sold under the Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch [...]

Beer Fraud2019-05-14T16:40:31+02:00

Tommy prevails in case against copycat logo


Although a consumer pays particular attention to words, many consumers also recognize brands by a logo or colors. And that is especially true if the logo in question is well-known. To protect the distinctiveness of a logo, it is useful [...]

Tommy prevails in case against copycat logo2019-04-16T16:12:14+02:00



Monster Energy is a well-known energy drink. Characteristic of this brand is the logo: three stripes that represent the claw print of a monster. This logo has been registered by Monster Energy in various ways for various products. When Monster [...]


KFC is flattered by imitations


If others are copying your brand you can send a cease and desist letter, or you can use it in an advertising campaign. Kentucky Fried Chicken must have thought the latter. The chicken fast-food chain has launched a major brand [...]

KFC is flattered by imitations2019-04-16T09:40:07+02:00

Notorious criminals


Game developer Rockstar Games has been sued by detective agency Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations because the name of the company is used in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. The detective agency sent a summons letter to Rockstar Games as [...]

Notorious criminals2019-03-19T09:31:15+02:00

Nada for Prada


Where many people seek certainty, in the legal world it is often the case that everything depends on the circumstances of the case. Annoying, because if you want to make a decision, you look for certainty. The Prada case illustrates [...]

Nada for Prada2019-03-21T09:20:50+02:00
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