Double Jack


Jack Daniel’s, the famous whiskey, does not like Jack David. Jack Daniel’s files an opposition against the European application based on taking unfair advantage / being detrimental to the reputation of the brand. The risk of confusion is invoked as [...]

Double Jack2019-06-20T10:13:08+01:00

Relax but be active


When someone is not happy with a trademark application, in most cases an objection will follow during the application procedure. In most countries, the person can also use an opposition procedure. Once the trademark has been registered, an objection can [...]

Relax but be active2019-06-19T08:28:05+01:00



Since last year, it is possible in the Benelux to file cancellation actions against (registered) trademarks. A huge extension of the possibilities of a trademark owner, this sometimes prevents court actions. Like in the EU, you can file revocation actions [...]

PURE DRAUGHT2019-06-19T08:19:14+01:00

Neymar gets his name back


Brazilian footballer Neymar has won a lawsuit over the registration of his name as a trademark. The General Court of the European Union confirmed the rejection of the trademark registration by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). A Portuguese man [...]

Neymar gets his name back2019-06-20T10:08:39+01:00



Sometimes there is some confusion about the registration of existing words. Especially in trademark conflicts. People wonder why words as Apple and Puma can be claimed. These are general words right? As long as the words are not descriptive, existing [...]


A kiss against a kiss


Finding an available trademark is a big hurdle for many companies. The first step is conducting availability searches. For this reason Knijff developed Multisearch®, availability searches conducted by local agents but all in one format and with an overall opinion. [...]

A kiss against a kiss2019-05-15T09:30:15+01:00

Beam me up


Generally speaking, the title of a book cannot be a trademark, after all, the title is part of the product and has no function as a trademark. Because books sometimes form the basis for a blog, television program, etc., you [...]

Beam me up2019-05-17T14:58:48+01:00

What’s in a name?


The protection of names of famous people as a trademark is an interesting subject in trademark law. What is considered to be genuine use of a name? And who is entitled to file this trademark? You can make a distinction [...]

What’s in a name?2019-05-17T15:00:42+01:00

The LEGO twins (2)


We mentioned earlier an application in the EU of a LEGO look-alike man. And as expected, LEGO has problems with this trademark and has now filed an opposition. The trademark application against which an opposition has been filed has already [...]

The LEGO twins (2)2019-05-14T16:45:02+01:00

Beer Fraud


Two suspects from Nijkerk (the Netherlands) were sentenced up to 15 months' imprisonment this month for "beer fraud". According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, at least 5,000 counterfeit kegs of beer have been sold under the Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch [...]

Beer Fraud2019-05-14T16:40:31+01:00
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