Minimalist brands


What if you strip a brand of its most iconic features: its logo, its distinctive packaging, its colour? Will it still be recognized as the famous brand that we all know? Or will all brands sort of blend together? Designer [...]

Minimalist brands2019-11-26T14:15:45+01:00

Sundae Bloody Sundae


McDonald's in Portugal has apologized for the marketing slogan "Sundae Bloody Sundae" in his Halloween campaign. Many people reacted furiously to the slogan that refers to one of the bloodiest days during 'The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. The term 'Bloody [...]

Sundae Bloody Sundae2019-11-26T14:10:47+01:00

China improves Intellectual Property laws


China and the protection of intellectual property; it has not proven to be the best combination in recent years. Piracy and poor enforcement of rules have been seldom an exception. But, as the Chinese are now saying, things are improving. [...]

China improves Intellectual Property laws2019-10-14T11:16:20+01:00



You almost couldn't have missed it: the new iPhone 11 is out. And it's packed with new features. Features that Apple is keen on trademarking. Like the new "slofie" feature. A "slofie" is Apple's name for making a selfie video [...]




This month FC Barcelona have officially announced the new jersey for the 2019/20 season. The design of the shirt is a revolutionary one as Barca moved away from the classic striped Blaugrana jersey (for which they even have a trademark [...]


Nike’s flag fail


It should have been the festive launch of a new pair of Nike Air sneakers, but the controversial design of the Air Max 1 USA threw a spanner in the works. It's the second time in a short period that [...]

Nike’s flag fail2019-08-23T08:16:04+01:00



Toy giant Lego is taking legal action against a high-flying New Zealand company claiming some of its toy designs are too similar. Zuru Toys, the counterparty, however, is standing their ground stating that Lego can't claim a monopoly on plastic [...]


Weight a minute!


Dieters with New Year's resolutions to lose weight, got mixed up when trying to download the Weight Watchers app. Apparently, a large number of downloaders got the app confused with that of British pub chain Wetherspoon. On the app store, [...]

Weight a minute!2019-03-19T09:20:43+01:00

Why would a sheriff do that?


Normally, as a clothing brand, you want your clothes on as many people as you can. Well, you should be careful what you wish for. A sheriff in Union County, Arkansas (USA) has been putting Nike t-shirts on people they arrest [...]

Why would a sheriff do that?2018-10-30T08:57:54+01:00
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