And the winner of 2017 is…


In a world where fake products are still a growing problem but are rapidly caught up by the problem of fake news, there is one truth: the every year fake election of Action Plagiarius. This institute informs the public about [...]

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And the winner of 2015 is…


An hot air tool! Left the original Steiner Vertrieb GmbH, the copy right of Shenzhen Jin Xiong (yes, China). This copy is chosen by Plagiarius as 2015 most blatant copy. Also remarkable copies, Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and a demonstration [...]

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And the winner 2014 is…


a device for shock wave therapy! The original is from MedizinSysteme Zimmer GmbH, Neu-Ulm, Germany, the copy of Shenzhen PRT Import Export Co., Ltd., PR China. This copy has been elected by Plagiarius as the most blatant copy of 2014. [...]

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And the winner of 2013 is…


Plagiarius is a German company that want to warn everyone for the bad consequences of counterfeit. always is looking forward to the annual election of the blatant copies or flagrant violations. And who has won this year the prize [...]

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And the winner is… 2012


Plagiarius is a German company and has as purpose to warn everyone for the negative consequences of counterfeiting. This company has a very interesting and remarkable annual election where the best (or maybe worst is a better word) copy is [...]

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Watch out


A large part of an IP attorneys work is about counterfeit. We mentioned earlier (here and here) the dangers of counterfeit. But beside the dangers, there is also a criminal aspect about counterfeit goods. The new campaign of the Fondation [...]

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Like a newborn lamb


Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès and Birkin, all victims of the counterfeit bags flooding the market. Fake is getting harder and harder to spot. So if you are a fashionista looking for a bargain, it can be quite scary: am I buying the real thing? [...]

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Don’t sue, just take a picture


Ryan Doco Connors is an amazing photographer who makes incredible portraits. Recently he noticed one of his images being used by Sugar Factory. The company edited one of Connors' photograps and printed it on a t-shirt. Without his consent, that [...]

Don’t sue, just take a picture2019-02-28T11:44:40+01:00

Counterfeit: Victimless crime? (2) – pharmaceuticals


We mentioned it in an earlier post: counterfeit is sometimes referred to as a "victimless crime". But is it really without victims? No. Absolutely not!  Today we want to point out the dangers of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.       Some [...]

Counterfeit: Victimless crime? (2) – pharmaceuticals2020-03-11T16:08:17+01:00
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