Audi’s Green Hell


Audi may be planning a new variant of the R8 sports car, inspired by the Nürburgring. The German automotive company recently filed a trademark for “R8 Green Hell” in the European Union. The Nürburgring is famously nicknamed “Green Hell”, as [...]

Audi’s Green Hell2020-04-15T08:23:48+02:00

Bond, James Bond


No Time to Die is the title of the James Bond movie that will be released in 2020. A great occasion to assess the present trademark portfolio! Probably the reason to file the famous intro of the James Bond movies, [...]

Bond, James Bond2020-02-26T08:49:04+01:00

Subaru’s Brand Mistake


If you happen to purchase Subaru’s new Forrester SUV, you better hope no one asks you what kind of car you drive. The Japanese automaker’s latest model, unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, is called the Forester Ultimate Customised [...]

Subaru’s Brand Mistake2020-02-26T09:00:44+01:00

Netflix intro fixed


You see brands everywhere. A color, a tune and even the shape of a product can already provide brand recognition. These kinds of signs are not always perceived as trademarks, unlike a word or logo. For that reason, trademark holders [...]

Netflix intro fixed2019-12-16T16:55:30+01:00

The portrait of Charlie Chaplin


We recently discussed trademark rights on portraits. In reality, mainly famous people’s portraits can acquire trademark rights. We have seen two applications in the European trademark register that are a good example of portrait trademarks. Charlie Chaplin's portrait has been submitted [...]

The portrait of Charlie Chaplin2019-12-17T16:00:45+01:00

A Rubik’s cube is just a cube


This month, the General Court of the European Union ruled on appeal that the shape of the Rubik's cube cannot be registered as an EU trademark. This confirms the decision that was already made in 2017. Since 1999, the cube [...]

A Rubik’s cube is just a cube2019-11-26T13:50:46+01:00

Helly’s position


For trademark agencies, wordmarks and logos are welcome guests. These trademarks are generally accepted unless they have distinctiveness issues. Less traditional signs however, have a much harder time. A color mark, a sound, films and decorations that appear in variants [...]

Helly’s position2019-11-28T13:59:54+01:00

Banksy opens shop


Street artist Banksy has launched a homewares shop in a dispute over a trademark, stating he had been forced into taking the unusual step of opening his own homewares store following a legal dispute with a greetings card company. Gross [...]

Banksy opens shop2019-11-28T14:04:05+01:00

Bad Peppie!


Sometimes you see a product and you can’t quite put your finger on it what’s wrong. It looks like a product you know. It is the name? Is it the colour? Then it hits you. It’s the font!  It may be [...]

Bad Peppie!2019-09-19T13:28:55+02:00

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark


Bixby, that's the name of Samsung's virtual assistant. Bixby is not just another name chosen by Samsung. A whole process has probably preceded this. For these types of projects, a name creation agency is often called in to propose a [...]

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark2019-09-18T08:27:42+02:00
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