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Ralph Lauren - The Ricky BagMen carry their phones in their pockets. Women carry them in their bag. Wouldn’t it be handy if the women’s hand bag had a smartphone charging feature? That’s what Ralph Lauren though. But now that they have created such a bag, they’re in a bit of a mess…

In 2014 Ralph Lauren announced that it fused technology and luxury and refashioned its iconic Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag – named after Ralph Lauren’s wife. The handbag is handcrafted in Italy from “smooth, specially selected calfskin” engraved with the Ralph Lauren trademark logo, rose-gold-plated-brass hardware, contrasting Purple calfskin lining. In its newest issue, The Ricky Bag comes with an integrated USB port and convenient LED lights.

But now Houston resident Jimmy Bryan filed a lawsuit against the Ralph Lauren Corp., claiming they are infringing his two federally registered patents. The patents cover various types of rechargeable accessories that illuminate the interior of a container, such as a purse, backpack or luggage, and contain an outlet to charge electronic devices. According to Bryan Ralph Lauren used his patents without his authorization.

Specifically for Ralph Lauren, the American fashion house, the complaint alleges it infringes the patents by producing and selling The Ricky Bag with Light priced at $5,000, which is a receptacle with the precise electric accessory system at issue with the Patents-in-Suit, according to the complaint.

Bryan sues for damages from any profits gained from the sales of The Ricky Bag. With the popular hand bag priced at USD 5.000,-, that’s a lot of damages!

Source: The Style Of The Case

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