Chinese Car Cousin

Jaguar Land Rover is suing a Chinese automaker for copying its design of the Range Rover Evoque. Check the photos and you’ll understand why.
Chinese automaker Jiangling Motor manufactures the Landwind X7, an SUV-model that went on sale last year in China.
Compared to the Range Rover Evoque, the Landwind X7 has a similar shape, with the roof and windows tapering from front to back, and near identical tail lights and character lines on the side paneling. The X7’s front grille is slightly more rounded than the hard edges of the Evoque. The X7 costs around a third of the price of an Evoque.
Although the resemblance is undeniable, global automakers generally don’t take legal action in China. The odds of winning against local firms are generally low. Furthermore, suing local companies is often not good for a company’s reputation in China.
In China a lawsuit could takes ages. For example, it took Honda Motor 12 years to win a case in China against a little-known local automaker for copying its best-selling CR-V. If Jaguar Land Rover wins its case, it could prompt other automakers to also take legal action and enforce their intellectual property rights.

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