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State_Intellectual_Property_Office_of_P.R.China_(SIPO).svgDespite the somewhat slower growth China is still an economic mecca. Economic growth means often a growth in trademark applications. This certainly applies to China: the staggering number of 924,000 marks were filed in 2014! At great distance China is followed by number 2, America, with approximately half of this number of trademark applications.
In order to manage this amount, a new Chinese trademark law came in force mid-2014. One of the goals was to have reviewed a trademark application within 9 months. Due to computer problems this goal was not met, however, it seems, according to the interesting post of China Law Blog, that this problem has been solved.
But now, China Law Blog informs us on a new problem with the Chinese Trademark Office: they have run out of paper! So, if your are awaiting the certificate of a Chinese application, they are working on it (but be patient). At the end (and we already knew this), China remains a remarkable country.
Source : China Film Insider / China Law Blog

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