Coco & Yves et Coco

chanellogoCoco & Yves et Coco. This sounds like a French movie starring a small village on the countryside. A movie full off joie de vivre and humor.

But no, the truth is that this is a trademark battle, between Chanel and two women who thought they had an appealing trademark. The fight does take place in France, not in the countryside though, but at the French trademark office.

The decisions of the French trademark office are, if your are used to the European decisions, quite short (often only 3 or 4 pages). These decisions directly cover the important issues. In this respect, the similarity between the trademarks, which is present according to the office. And where famous brands have to proof their reputation for the OHIM, the French trademarks office accepts the claim of Chanel that COCO is well known being a very appealing name because it refers tot Coco Chanel (without further proof of this reputation).

So, the movie ends that  Yves et Coco is not allowed and that Chanel prevails in keeping the name COCO exclusive. For reputed trademark holders a happy end after all.

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