Comfy balls for women

Comfyballs, a men’s underwear brand, is celebrating a landmark success that highlights a clear gender bias in the US trademarking process.
The company, founded in Norway four years ago, has worked long and hard to create the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made, designed to support and optimize comfort levels for all sizes.
Its trademark application for “Comfyballs” was refused by the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), which deemed the name “offensive” and “vulgar”, despite allowing names like “Nice Balls” and “I love my balls”. The rejection prompted brand creator and owner, Anders Selvig, to set up a “Fight for your Balls” campaign, featuring both a website and video showcasing the brand’s quest to legalise Comfyballs.
It worked. The campaign went viral and generated widespread support and global coverage.
Results: the name ‘Comfyballs’ will now be granted a trademark, but only for those products worn by women!
Selvig is not fully satisfied: “We’re not done yet. Balls all over deserve better, which is why we are delighted to launch in the UK and get the USPTO trademark for women, though it’s ridiculous that Comfyballs can be deemed offensive as a brand name for men in the US. Balls are a part of a man, not a swear word, and our underpants make them comfy. End of story. We had absolutely no issues with the name in Europe and the process was very quick. This is first of what we hope will be many more victories in our mission to bring Comfyballs to the world.”

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