Copy. Paste. Preach.

It turns out many preachers don’t bother to make their own catechism lessons anymore. Sunday’s mass is more and more copy-pasted from the internet.

Sunday. Most people are free, except preachers in a church. The whole week they have been thinking about what to preach to the congregation on Sunday. But during the week, preachers have things to do: visits to the sick and relatives of the deceased. So for Sunday’s sermon: forty minutes, four thousand words, Internet search, Copy, Paste.

Professor of Reformed Theology at the University of Groningen, Henk van den Belt, has no hard proof, but he can image that this is more ofter the case. He has received more and more signals about pastors who preach texts of others. Van den Belt: “I had heard from various quarters that sometimes occurs occasionally . On the other hand, if a lot of people say that they sometimes felt that they already knew a text , I suspect it happens more than you would expect . ”

Van den Belt is – of course – against this copy-paste ‘culture’. The minister is supposed to have focus. With his own words to his audience. Mere copying gives a signal of laziness and spiritual poverty.

Thou shalt not steal. Thous shalt not copy the work of others. Thou shalt not infringe upon thou neighbors trademark. Need we go on?

Source: Volkskrant

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