Counterfeit: Victimless crime? (1)

Counterfeit is sometimes referred to as a “victimless crime”. After all, if someone buys a fake Rolex watch, does this really cause harm to Rolex? The buyer was most likely not in the market for a real Rolex watch anyway, so how could this be detrimental?

But let’s put aside the Rolex example and focus on fake car parts. How victimless is the crime then?

The estimated world wide turn over for fake car parts is $! That’s billion, not million! And that is $ in the US alone. Studies have shown that it costs the US economy around 200.000 jobs.

So, what’s so “fake” about counterfeit car parts. We’re talking about fake spark plugs, fake motor parts, fake oil filters (where newspapers are used instead of an actual filter) and fake brakes.

Normally car brakes are made out of metal. The counterfeit ones are made from pressed wood or grass. As your car brakes, the brake discs get hot. That’s no problem when they are made from metal. But when you have brakes made from wood or grass, they will catch fire! A life threatening situation. So what do you mean, victimless crime?

Coming soon: part 2, counterfeit pharmaceuticals

© photo by Philip Bitnar


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