Cruyff’s Plan

Johan_Cruyff“I quit”, said Johan Cruyff, Ajax’ legendary number 14. “And don’t use my name anymore!”

A lot has happened since football club Ajax ruled the European football pitches in the mid nineties, with the absolute highlight: winning the European Cup in 1995.

Today the club is still amongst the top clubs in Holland, but in Europe Ajax plays a minor role, overruled by many clubs with sky-high budgets.

Johan Cruyff led a “revolution” within the club, in an attempt to bring the legendary club back to the European top. But now it seems “Plan Cruyff” has failed.

“For years, I note that the core of my vision is not effected within Ajax. In addition, I increasingly feel that this is done on purpose. And I am not in the game of playing games.”, Cruyff states.

Cyruff, nicknamed El Salvador (“The Savior”) says the people in the club have to figure it out on their own now. “But not under the name Plan Cruyff. I do not want to have my name attached to that.”

It remains to be seen if Cruyff can indeed prohibit people from referring to the plan as “Plan Cruyff”. In the end, this is a matter of freedom of speech, and not trademark or copyright law.

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