Deterrent trademark

CJ4JX4FZVCC523YA2TMALSKFLH7MTJYTF2MBB35JI5GZX2M6C3RGEKWKDSK3CA4QK344L3JV6LRRGThe mask left, called Ghost Face, is widely known for its appearance in the movie Scream. What we did not know (and that’s why we love Wikipedia), is that he mask has been designed by the company Fun World for Halloween purposes, 4 years earlier than the Scream movie .
The mask shows us different emotions, a horrible look, a sorry look and a frantic look, according to the designer. And yes, it does remind us of the painting The Scram of Edvard Munch.
While this mask is famous around the world, it is also very distinctive. So, why not protect it as a three dimensional trademark in the EU? Fun World recently filed this trademark and is awaiting the examination of this trademark. If this trademark succeeds, it will probably the most deterrent trademark ever!

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