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Double DribbleAn episode of Family Guy may be into some copyright issues. The cartoon show used a clip of the classic Nintendo console game “Double Dribble” from YouTube, rather than using an original clip. After that, the original video on YouTube was taken down by FOX, stating that the video infringed on the Family Guy copyright.
The YouTube clip of the classic sports title has been around since 2009, originally posted by a YouTube user named “sw1tched“.
In a Family Guy episode, Peter convinces Cleveland to play a game of Double Dribble with him. However, the creators of Family Guy decided to use sw1tched’s video, rather than create their own.
There is one difference between the two. The show replaces the CPU in the original clip with 2up. Other than this change and the addition of dialogue between the cast in Family Guy, there isn’t a difference between the two clips. Because of this, the original YouTube clip was taken down, with the video replaced with the text, “This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”
Many TV companies have an automated program that scans through YouTube clips looking to flag snippets from their shows, and one likely mistook the older video as a clip from Family Guy, and was taken down for a few days.
FOX admitted their mistake: “The video in question was removed as a result of Fox’s routine efforts to protect its television show Family Guy from piracy. As soon as we became aware of the circumstances, the content was restored.”

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