ET todayWe have talked earlier about the giant rubber duck of artist Florentine Hofman. This duck got a lot of attention in London and was subject of a copyright dispute. The duck has now landed in Taiwan for a ” tour” and also in Taiwan the duck is the talk of the “town”, especially the IP-minded part of the town.

It all started with idea of the organizing committee to promote this tour. They invited a merchandising guru to help. This guru created a media-circus and launched all kind of merchandising articles. The artist was not informed about this and objected to the merchandising line which was contrary to the simple nature of the duck (the artist allows only one merchandising article: the small duck as shown left). The committee pulled the guru of the team and made also some promises to stop the merchandising and to fight against the fake merchandising articles.

The next step in this soap is that the guru started the, interesting, discussion whether the giant duck is copyrighted. Obviously, we know the design of a rubber duck for years. According to the guru, the artist does not have any exclusive rights to it. “If Hofman wants to be so strict, do the shops selling Jiang Mu Ya (duck braised with ginger, a popular local dish) need to get his permission too?”

Source and © Photo: ETtoday

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