EPI-c Victory

Louis Vuitton EPI 2Louis Vuitton was victorious in a recent Taiwanese trademark infringement case, and received quite a remarkable ruling.
The French luxury fashion house sued Yi Ze Tian International Co., Ltd., parent company to fashion brand, iki2, stating it was selling bags that bore Louis Vuitton’s EPI trademark.
At the district court level Louis Vuitton lost, but appeal the court was on its side. The Taipei District court ruled that there was no sufficient evidence showing that the iki2 intentionally used Louis Vuitton’s EPI trademark on its own bags.
in appeal the court stated that iki2’s sale of the bags has damaged Louis Vuitton’s reputation for exclusivity and superior level quality. Moreover, the EPI pattern was held to be more than a design feature; it is subject to trademark protection. The Taiwan Intellectual Property Court held that iki2’s sale of bags bearing the EPI mark constitutes trademark infringement and unfair competition.
Finally, the ruling contained something remarkable: in addition to damages, the court also ordered Yi Ze Tian to issue a public apology to Louis Vuitton by way of a half page placement in the Economic Daily News.
Source: The Fashion Law

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