European Songcontest Infringement

Denmark has won the Eurovision Songcontest. But was it their own song?

You either love it or hate it, the Eurovision Songcontest. In both cases the points of the different national jurors, are always up for debate. Eastern European countries tend to give the highest points to their neighbouring countries. The Netherlands give their 12 points to Belgium and the other way around. A shame for Iceland, that has no neighbours.

The winning song from Denmark was immediately criticized for being copied.

K-Otic, a former Dutch band that was formed in a television show, recorded the song ‘I Surrender’. The Danish entry, “Only Teardrops” was supposedly very much “inspired” by this song.

Twitter was full with allegations, but Bart Voncken, former member of K-Otic dismisses them. “Honestly, I haven’t noticed it. It’s a whistle, and that whistle is also used in I Surrender. And there are some notes that overlap, so there is a resemblance. But this is no infringement, because for that approximately four bars have to be copied.”

IP Attorneys worldwide cheer this new criterium for copyright infringement: four bars, and it’s infringement. Easy!

Judge for yourself:

[youtube v=”KB0Fd-CCxI0″]

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