As an expert in the field of music, Knijff works with many musicians on the protection of their names, logos and other distinctive elements. We have asked two of our ambassadors to explain why they chose to have their band name protected. If you’re still in doubt as to why brand protection is useful, please read on and find out what your colleagues Sander van Doorn and Hooverphonic have to say about it. Or become a music ambassador of Knijff yourself!


Sander van Doorn is undoubtedly one of the most influential and popular DJ/producers at the moment, active in dance music. He began at 16 years of age when he came into contact with a ‘GROOVEBOX 303’ and now performs all over the world. He has his own record label, Doorn Records, and a weekly radio show.

How important is your name, as DJ?

Very important! Your name is everything and the public are drawn to it. My name is my trademark, it stands for the music I make and the atmosphere I create.

Where is your name regsitered as a trademark?

I came into contact with Knijff when someone in the Benelux had stolen my name. Knijff helped us and without any complicated and expensive legal procedures, this trademark registration is now in my own name. Of course, then I registered my artist name as a trademark in those countries where dance is popular.

Do you think that trademark protection in the music world is underestimated?

Certainly. Especially many DJ’s assume that the registration of their name is not necessary, they just don’t think about it. Until, for example, you find some counterfeit merchandise. If someone uses your name and you want to stop them, then you really do need a trademark registration. My advice is therefore: claim the name!


Belgian rock phenomenon Hooverphonic was founded in 1995 and boasts an international reputation. Their band name was inspired by the sound of their music. It’s very important for them to rise above the rest and be unique.

Where does your name come from?

A friend of Alex Callier once said after hearing some tracks: “It reminds me of the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It’s like the music sucks me into another universe.” So we thought of ‘Hoover’. When we found out later that there were two bands of that name already, we changed it to ‘Hooverphonic’. We wanted to be the only ones with this name.

Why did you protect your band name?

We want to be and stay unique. We want it to be only band that pops up on Google when you search our name. In this highly standardised world, it’s very important for us to rise above the rest and be unique. Also, we want to be able to take action in case of counterfeit merchandise for instance. That’s why we wanted to protect the name ‘Hooverphonic’.


Knijff loves music and we will do our utmost to protect creativity and originality for both new musicians as well as established names. If you become one of Knijff’s music ambassadors, you can have your stage name protected for a very attractive rate! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for the possibilities.

Your name is your fame. Protect it!


With years of experience and expertise under their belt, Knijff’s music experts will be pleased to help you.