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Name protection is recommended for both musical talents who have just started out and for established musicians. Bands, DJs, soloists – all stand to gain from the very best brand protection.


Think of a distinctive stage name

As a beginning artist you have to come up with a distinctive name. One that not only suits you and your music, but which is also legally sound so that you do not infringe on other artists. Or others on you.

Registering a band name or stage name as a trademark

Have you come up with a distinctive band name or DJ name? Knijff is happy to register it for you. Registration in your own country is often enough to start with. If you become famous worldwide, it is possible to protect your name abroad with priority. This means that your name is retroactively protected abroad up to the time of application in your country of residence.

Always register product and service trademarks. It will prevent other musicians from using your name for the same products or services and confusing your audience. Don’t forget to claim your stage name either!

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Protecting a band name or stage name

All musicians benefit from registering their stage name, established ones in particular. Don´t worry if you haven’t already – you can still protect your name. Trademark registration comes with lots of benefits.

Important considerations

In deciding where we will apply for registration and for which products and services, we will look at two things – the countries where you perform, and your merchandise. Stage names are also often protected for merchandise, enabling you to use your trademark on t-shirts, sweaters, caps or other products. As an established artist you will have to take all of this into consideration.

In determining the protection strategy, we will discuss with you where you want your name to be protected. This depends on where you will be performing. We can then also determine which products are important for you to protect, and which are not. Once we have established this, we know how to protect your brand.

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Protecting your DJ name

As a regular participant and sponsor of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), we have seen the dance scene grow. Many of the DJs we work for are expanding, travelling the world for the greatest gigs.

It is vital that DJs protect their brands, names and other distinguishing elements to secure their revenue from merchandising and licensing agreements.

Important considerations

Before we start the registration process, we discuss the countries where you operate and which merchandise carries your name. These two things determine where we’ll apply for registration and for which products or services. In addition to your DJ services, we can also register your name for merchandising, allowing you to use your trademark on clothing and other products.

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