Pharmaceutical products are often the result of years of studies and huge investments. It is therefore crucial that once the products have been approved and are ready for the market, their names are registered as trademarks to protect them from third parties riding on their success or even counterfeiting them.

Knijff is a trademark firm specialised in the protection of trademarks. Although our years of experience allow us to serve clients in every industry, we do have specific expertise in some industries where in-depth knowledge is an absolute must.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of our trademark protection specialisations. Knijff boasts many pharmaceutical clients, both large and small, who call on us when launching a new product. Based on our years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the market and its players. Combined with our detailed knowledge of relevant pharmaceutical product legislation and the industry itself, Knijff is the ideal partner to help you register and protect pharmaceutical names.

How does the pharma expert benefit you?

Key in protecting a pharmaceutical name is the availability check. Knijff has developed an economical and swift service to carry out this search across different countries: Multisearch®. As we always perform a pharma-in-use check during the pharmaceutical trademark searches, you can rest assured that the outcome of any search will take into account both the pharmaceutical trademark protection scope, and the latest case law about pharmaceutical names.

A specialist trademark attorney not only benefits you when it comes to assessing availability, but also during the registration process. We know exactly what trademark authoritieswill look for in the assessment, and which pharmaceutical products are similar, possibly leading to a conflict. Cases like these benefit from the input of a party that looks after your interests and knows your industry.

We understand that registration is all about timing. After all, it takes years to develop a drug, and you want to be able to protect its name as and when needed. Early registration may lead to loss of your trademark right, while late registration gives your competitors a change to snatch your name. Our years of experience in registering trademarks for the pharmaceutical industry make us your ideal partner to guide you through the process.


With years of experience and expertise under her belt, Knijff’s pharma-expert Trix Ockeloen will be pleased to help you.