F–k Cancer

fuck_cancerThe fight against cancer is a hard one. A lot of money is needed for research to find a cure. Fortunately, there are a lot of people involved in fundraising campaigns. But happens when two campaigns want to use the same name: “F–k Cancer.”?

Two women are going to court to fight for the right to use the term “F–k Cancer” in their fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Vancouver jewellery designer Susan Fiedler says she has already spent over $50,000 battling celebrity activist Yael Cohen for the Canadian trademark of the obscene phrase, which Fiedler began using to raise money for charity the year before Cohen founded her organization. “It has created a lot of what they call brand confusion, and it’s also created a lot of stress for me.” Fiedler states.

Fiedler began making bracelets inscribed with the words “F–k Cancer” in May 2008 after a battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. “Despite the fact that it might not seem like the most elegant way to put things, it’s really how we all feel,” Fiedler says.

Cohen started her charity in 2009 after making a “F–k Cancer” T-shirt for her mother, who was battling breast cancer. The initiative has made Cohen a celebrity in Canada and America. Yael Cohen then applied for a trademark registration.

Fiedler had never registered the name as a trademark, but the Canadian Trademarks Office decided in her favour, since she had used the phrase in Canada prior to Cohen.

Hopefully both parties will realise that all money spent on trademark litigation is not going to end up in cancer research. Perhaps combining forces can raise even more money, so they van both “F–k Cancer” together.

Source: CBC News

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