Fake as subculture

Artist Luis Gispert was photographing landscapes in Miami two years ago when he stumbled on a Cadillac Escalade. This car would give a new direction to his art.

The interior of this car was completely covered with the pattern designed by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton. The owner of the car had never heard of Louis Vuitton or Murakami.

Gispert discovered that pimping your car with high-end design (or knock-off) was a subculture.  This was the starting point of a quest for faux designer cars and those who created this. Gispert visited local road shows and he went all over the country visiting people in his search for cars.

This has resulted in an exhibition where fake interiors of trucks and even airplanes can be seen. Gispert discovered that pimping is not limited to a subculture of car lovers but a subculture in itself, even a Jansport bag were pimped to Dolce & Gabanna. It has nothing to do with creating a bag that passes for real. Everyone can see that it is fake. Gispert: “It’s about the obsession with the color, the pattern, and a desire to index wealth. As a whole, he said, the series is about the anxiety of class in America.”

Source: Louise Blouin Media, Photo © Luis Gispert

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