Fake diamonds

Your woman is the most special person on earth. Your one and only. So you buy her diamonds. Of course. And what better (and smarter!) place to buy them than in a low cost-supermarket!

Introducing the parties in this trademark infringement: on the one hand: world famous jeweler Tiffany and Company. On the other hand low cost-warehouse store giant Costco.

Costco sells everything they can sell. The latest and greatest in their line of products: diamond engagement rings.

Recently Tiffany was alerted by a client that Costco sold engagement rings, labeled as “Tiffany”.

Tiffany alleged trademark infringement, counterfeiting, deceptive business practice, and false advertising. It’s also suing for injury to business reputation. Costco did not comment on the matter.

It is going to be a difficult case for Tiffany, as the “Tiffany-ring” does not seem to be sold anymore. However, if Tiffany & Co. is able to prove the existence of Costco’s “Tiffany-ring”, it will be quite an interesting case. It is very important for a brand like Tiffany to keep its name exclusive and maintain its luxury image. A low cost engagement ring by the name of Tiffany, does not fit well in this scenario.

Diamonds are forever. Well, maybe not at Costco.

To be continued.

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